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Bob TrenchBob Trench, DP

My work is documentary in style, I learned photography shooting to film—And I still do. 99% of my work on a digital 8K ecosystem, however, there are times that film adds a unique look. History: My work is in the Library of Congress, I have twice been credentialed by the White House for shooting presidential events, as well as back stage for the Rolling Stones. I have spoken to groups around the United States about filmmaking, the importance of freedom of artists to create their vision, as well as funding for Cancer research. But as you will see, the work I enjoy the most is shooting people who make a difference and capturing their humanity.


Roundtable Event
Perseverance Documentary
Coaching Documentary
American Roots Revue Live at the Dakota

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In Studio
XYZ University Podcast Marketing
XYZ University Podcast Marketing


Larry Long for Leonard Peltier
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Melvin Lee

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Group Event
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Corporate Events


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Marantec Synergy 300 Series
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Chase Iron Eyes and Melvin Lee
Chae Iron Eyes and Melvin Lee
AIM Peace Logo
AIM Peace Logo
Clyde Bellecourt
Mike the Historian
ACEs Project
DB Project
Air Force One
Faith Spotted Eagle
Tall Paul at Big Top Chautauqua
Documentary for Dodging Bullets—stories from survivors of historical trauma
First Responders in Minneapolis
University of Minnesota Student for Dodging Bullets
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Senator Amy Klobuchar
Audience B-Roll


Aerial Photography