Storytelling | Documentary-style film direction and production

We like a documentary look and feel because it revolves around storytelling, an important part of the human history. Everyone has a story, but good stories evolve for great creative. From YouTube videos designed attract social traffic to a documentary style corporate video to expand your exposure and reach for part of a group or organization, Fahrenheit, looks to creative first and foremost, an idea that will push the envelope to attract eyeballs. We help develop content to drive messaging towards its intended target. A project could need interviews, post-production, photography, animation or motion graphics, we have the experience to produce your project.

B2B | Commercial film direction and production

We are a Minneapolis-based film production company that serves clients all over the world. Our team has years of experience in content creation whether it’s a documentary, brand film, commercial, media walls, educational or other media. We urge our clients to invest in film and video because it has the capability of doing more that promoting the brand, the film medium can reach a wider audience through new distribution avenues that have the ability to SHARE your message with other like-minded people. As a video marketing agency, we are interested in partnering with like-minded people to bring to life powerful stories that deliver a unique message.

Music Video direction and production