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The 7 Best Reasons to Have Landing Pages
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The 7 Best Reasons to Have Landing Pages

Today, landing pages are a required element for every marketer. Small and large businesses alike need this element in order narrow down what it is they want their audience to do, like sign up for a consultation or buy a product. The most effective landing pages make it clear from top to bottom what their audience is being presented in the simplest form.

Landing pages make great tools to use because there is concise, direct information on a landing page and a call to action as opposed to the information found on a website, which may not be so clear and direct. While there are so many great ways to spruce up a landing page we’re going to tell you exactly WHY landing pages are essential for any business.

1. Leads and Conversions

Think of a landing page as a filter. This filter allows your business to screen potential customers. This is also a great tool to use for discovering who might be interested in your business or products.

A great landing page will make use of images, videos, and descriptions in order to make signups soar. A page that accurately details and demonstrates the benefits of acquiring your free eBook or a quick consultation will take leads and make them into conversions. Whoever takes advantage of what it is you’re offering (eBook, services, etc.) will be converted into a customer.

Landing pages allow you to generate leads and make conversions that you won’t be to get as well through other means like a blog or website.

2. Showcase Products or Services

Does your business offer more than one product or service? Unlike your website, a landing page can be dedicated to a product or service with a call-to-action if a potential consumer is only interested in that specific product or service. This makes landing pages a great showcase area for your business. Your audience won’t get lost in a website that has so much information and multiple products displayed.

A landing page can narrow down and focus on what it is a specific consumer wants and gives them a way to see testimonials from happy customers, a video on that specific product or service and a way to get in touch with your business and make it known that they’re interested.

3. Focus, Focus, Focus

We’ve all seen Finding Dory right? Well, many consumers are exactly like Dory when it comes to getting distracted and forgetting about what they’re doing when they see a shiny new link or pop up. A landing page helps them stay focused on one objective. It also allows you to really say “Look at me, this is what I offer” to potential customers.

4. User Experience

Have you ever found yourself on a website that lead to another part of the website you thought was going to provide you with the information you wanted only to see ten different unrelated things? So have we. A landing page not only provides focus but also creates a better user experience. If a user gets the information they are looking for, they are less likely to leave your website. When they don’t leave, they have the opportunity to become potential leads and convert to customers.

5. Inbound Marketing

With inbound marketing, you are providing users with a specific resource or service that they may be searching for in order to get them to your website instead of you chasing them. Whether it’s an eBook, free downloads, whitepapers, or a webinar these resources need to be displayed on a quality landing page, not your website.

6. Testing, Testing, 1 2 3

If you’re looking to convert visitors to customers then you’ll want to be able to continually do this once a landing page is complete – no one time thing here. In order to continue getting conversions, you may want to test out different landing pages with various audiences to see which one works best. Once you’ve decided which one is more successful you can make that one your more permanent landing page.

7. SEO

Landing pages create the unique opportunity to dedicate specific keywords to the page. This is something that can’t be done with your website because your website contains too many competing keywords. You can create landing pages focused on a specific product with corresponding keywords that can be used to boost your search engine ranking.

Your business can never have too many landing pages. The more landing pages you have the more opportunity for conversions. Just remember to make your landing page visually appealing and focused on one specific objective.