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Stratasys has been at the forefront of 3D printing innovation for more than 25 years. We’re shaping lives by helping researchers and health experts expand human knowledge and advance health care delivery. We are fueling the next generation of innovation through our work in aerospace,

The Bridge for Youth

The Bridge for Youth was founded in 1970 when Sister Rita Steinhagen saw a problem, cared, and responded. She noticed a growing number of unaccompanied youth on the streets of Minneapolis who were increasingly vulnerable to exploitation, prostitution, violence, and illness. Opportunities: Working for a not-for-profit always

MB Quart

Founded in the early 60's in Obrigheim, Germany, MB QUART is known worldwide for designing and manufacturing innovative and technically advanced audio products. From car, marine and home loudspeakers to personal headphones, intercom systems and professional broadcast and studio applications, MB QUART exemplifies "German Engineering"


Fireproof safes, fireproof file cabinets and a full range of specialty and high-security safes and cabinets to meet the most demanding performance requirements. Get the best protection from SafetyFile. Opportunities: Creating a new and better website and engages users and increases traffic creates an opportunity to raise

App Development—MI Case Review

MI Case Review is a time and cost-effective way for you and your team to continue to grow their skill-set in motivational interviewing. It’s collaborative, engaging, and offers lots of flexibility and customization. It’s best to use this service as a follow-up activity after you have received motivational interviewing training. Opportunity: Develop a custom online application for


Gambro is a global medical technology company that manufactures products for Dialysis treatment. The company is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying products and therapies for Kidney and Liver Dialysis, Myeloma Kidney Therapy, and other extracorporeal therapies for Chronic and Acute patients. Opportunity: Refine and


General Engineering and Research is focused on advancing functionalized nanoparticle ideas and products for research and development. Opportunity: Design and development of digital research and eCommerence solutions to market nanoparticle products online. Produced Materials: Website Design and Development  e-Commerce SEO Content Marketing

Carvin Website and Video

Carvin began manufacturing pro audio gear in the early 1970s, which became popular with many artists. In the mid-2000s, TRx loudspeakers were introduced, providing high-end audio to live audiences. Opportunity: Develop strategies for Carvin Audio following split from the sister company that unifies their distinct audio and amplification

Center for Mission

The Center for Mission is an official office of the U.S. Pontifical Mission Societies which represents the Congregation for Evangelization in Rome. Opportunity: Design and develop a responsive website and produced documentary videos for program communication. Produced Materials: Website Design and Development  Documentary Videos Online Fund Raising Interaction

ClearView TV Mirrors

In 2004, the desire to incorporate TV's into mirror design was growing, as was the technology to make this product. Visionaries and fabricators worked to furnish a product capable of accenting a bathroom, living room, den, corporate lobby or conference room, hotel message board, airport