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MB Quart

Founded in the early 60's in Obrigheim, Germany, MB QUART is known worldwide for designing and manufacturing innovative and technically advanced audio products. From car, marine and home loudspeakers to personal headphones, intercom systems and professional broadcast and studio applications, MB QUART exemplifies "German Engineering"


Maxxsonics develops and manufactures audio products. It offers audio products, such as amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers for home, mobile, power sports, and personal audio products. The company distributes its products through specialty retailers and boutiques in the United States and internationally. Opportunity: Develop full-service strategies that unified four distinct


Rimage is the industry leader in CD/DVD/BR-D publishing, digital archiving & disc printing systems. Opportunity: A re-branding effort that led to a long-term relationship Materials Produced: Website Design Tradeshow Design Collateral Print Advertising Sales and executive presentations Motion Graphics (Cinema 4) Video Production


Fireproof safes, fireproof file cabinets and a full range of specialty and high-security safes and cabinets to meet the most demanding performance requirements. Get the best protection from SafetyFile. Opportunities: Creating a new and better website and engages users and increases traffic creates an opportunity to raise


Gambro is a global medical technology company that manufactures products for Dialysis treatment. The company is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying products and therapies for Kidney and Liver Dialysis, Myeloma Kidney Therapy, and other extracorporeal therapies for Chronic and Acute patients. Opportunity: Refine and


General Engineering and Research is focused on advancing functionalized nanoparticle ideas and products for research and development. Opportunity: Design and development of digital research and eCommerence solutions to market nanoparticle products online. Produced Materials: Website Design and Development  e-Commerce SEO Content Marketing

Object Partners

Object Partners custom software solutions using best of breed technology can only be accomplished by very talented software developers. The software project graveyard is huge, as many companies have used cheap development resources only to see their applications crumble due to defects, instability, and poor scalability.

Be Financial

Be Financial is a boutique advisory firm with a holistic approach. That means we work with a small number of clients who share our belief in sound planning, clarity, and transparency. Opportunity: When a client has a small business with a tight budget, Squarespace or Wix can be

Ocean Aero

Ocean Aero is founded on an extraordinary mix of ocean experience and world-class engineering innovation. From aerospace and aircraft carriers to record-breaking sail designs and space jumps, our combined expertise lets us take a fresh look at age-old ocean challenges. Opportunity: We love cutting edge technology and