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How Video Helps SEO
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How Video Helps SEO

Ask any marketer what the best way to improve SEO is and they’ll all say the same thing – video. Video continues to dominate content marketing and makes up 64 percent of all internet traffic.

If you’re looking to stand out in search engine results you’re going to want to dedicate time and your budget to making the right videos for your website. The good news? It’s completely affordable to create high quality content without difficulty.

Videos are without a doubt gaining momentum for websites because of their effectiveness. According to Forrester, one minute of video equates to 1.8 million words of text in the message communicated. Which is huge for marketers. Why spend thousands on a print campaign when a video can communicate your message more effectively and efficiently? This effectiveness isn’t only with what is being said in the video, it also pertains to how consumers view your message. The fact is this, consumers remember videos. More so than print or even images. A consumer is more likely to follow up after viewing a video versus other marketing materials on your website.

Add Videos to Your Website

This is why it is so important to incorporate a video on your website. In order to boost your ranking your videos should be hosted on your website versus another outlet so search engines don’t send traffic to the other site. Google has stated that each of your videos should be hosted on a different page within your website, this makes indexing easier.

Adding videos to your website that are intriguing to your audience is a great way to get shares and inbound links. You’d be surprised by how much this boost in inbound links can improve your rankings. Just don’t forget to allow users to embed your videos. Views alone play an important role in signalling that your videos are positively influencing users and boosts the value of your content for search engines.

Likewise, adding videos to your website lets search engines know that your site has rich media relevant to consumer requests. The more consumers search for videos, the more your website rank will increase in the search results because of the videos on your site. Hence, a HUGE boost in ranks.

Use Proper Keyword Placement

But in order for your video to be found, you’ll have to include relevant keywords and phrases in your video descriptions, file names, titles and tags. Keywords provide information for search engines to use in order to identify your video with ease. Once users are able to easily find the videos it’s time to let the quality of the video do the work.

Video will only continue to grow going into 2017. The more value your video brings through views and shares the higher up your website can go in search engine rankings. Because one thing is for sure, consumers like and use videos and the ones they love turn them into customers.

If your company is looking for a more affordable or effective tool then you should turn to videos. Especially since they can do double duty of boosting your marketing efforts and improving your SEO.