Consumer Goods
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It may be new packaging or and online social networking campaign or a catalog or even a 3D version of products that need to be focus-grouped. That is our background in the highly competitive consumer goods market.

Design Services for Consumer Goods From Distribution to Retail

How your product looks on Amazon is just as important as how it looks on the shelf. Or maybe you are doing a Shopify Store with SEO, social and traditional marketing, your content development is critical to the sale of the products.  Every distribution chain has unique and critical marketing needs. Consumers can be engaging and finicky all at the same time, whether you focus-grouped your product live or online, there is no formula for success. With over 30 years in consumer goods marketing experience we have worked with our clients and supported their vendors overseas to help them communicate to the mom and pop stores, the big boxes, the consumers and now online with Amazon, Shopify, and independent eCommerence platforms.

Consumer Goods Marketing design services

Need help getting your goods online? We’ve Been There.