30 years cancer free —> Medical Marijuana Rant

#CancerSucks so #Politicians: you are not my doctor, scientist, or religious leader so stay the hell out of treatment protocols.

Every Day was a “Skip-in-the-Record”

Over a period of 6 weeks during the summer of 1986, I went from a 180lbs. strapping young man to a 135lbs. weakling, who could barely get out of bed. All because of being diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, Stage IIA, Mixed Cellularity. The treatment protocol back then was about 18 weeks of massive radiation. Starting on August 17th, my daily schedule was to wake up at noon and get to treatment at what I called the “suntan and weight loss clinic” by 1, fall asleep from 3 to 6 pm, wake up, throw up, try to eat, throw up, try to eat and fall asleep at 8 pm and then start it all over again the next day, it became a “skip-in-the-record”


My life was saved in part, not by a drug, but by a component found in a natural substance, Pot.

I was never a big pot smoker, I never even smoked. But #marijuana saved my life. During the first 4 weeks of a treatment protocol known as total nodal (full radiation to the chest, the lymph nodes in the upper abdomen, and the lymph nodes in the pelvic area, basically your whole upper body). My nausea became so severe that I lost almost 50lbs. and I was told that I would have to stop treatment unless I started to gain back weight. Stopping treatment at that state of my protocol was a death sentence. None of the traditional pharmaceutical drugs worked. But, I was very lucky, one of the oncologists I was working with was a lead in a federally-funded THC study at the University of Minnesota. I was not allowed in the study because I did not fit the protocol, but they got me in on a parallel program and supplied me with marijuana for the rest of my treatment. The Government was so afraid of marijuana that they dispensed my pills through a bank teller-like window that was surrounded by bulletproof glass. Within one week, I had gained back enough weight to continue treatment without missing a session. Thank you, Dr. Mechoulam, for your research, which was conducted outside the USA.

A Gateway to Life

It is ridiculous that our federal government prohibits the use of medical marijuana to those who suffer the most, while opiates, which are far more dangerous, are legally prescribed. Politicians, be pro-life and support medical marijuana, I am the N=1 study that proves that it works and is not a gateway to other drugs, but a gateway to life, it helped save mine.

There are so many people to thank, that I do not remember their names, but here are some.

Dr. Neil Hoffman (My Lead Doc, who got me in the study)

Drs. Azad (Radiation physician and psychologist)

O. Carl Simonton and Stephanie Matthews-Simonton (authors of Getting Well Again)

Sally (Radiation therapist)

Peggy (Friend)

Mrs. Sandbo (support)

John (for bringing me food from The Loon)

Dr. Sosin (amazing surgeon)

The nurses, who went beyond the call of duty and did whatever they could to help

Mom and Dad

And a big "good luck with that” to:

The surgeon (name forgotten), who told all the people in the hospital that I probably had AIDS, so that workers in the hospital were afraid of me).

The "ex", who threw all of my stuff into the hallway of our apartment building.

The so-called friends, who stole my drugs.

Politicians who are afraid of doing what is right.

Peace and Mercy,


To all of those living through cancer:

“You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.”

― Ernest Hemingway

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